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Rok’s Online Store and the website are managed by the company:

Rok’s nut butter, svetovanje in prodaja, d.o.o.
Goričica pri Ihanu 19/b
1230 Domžale, Slovenia
Registration number: 7207441000
Tax number: SI95771450
VAT payer: YES
Share capital: 8,387.50 EUR

The company Rok’s nut butter d.o.o. is registered under case number Srg 2016/56144 at the DistrictCourt of Ljubljana. 

Open current accounts:
Current account at DELAVSKA HRANILNICA d.d. LJUBLJANA: SI56 6100 0001 5840 544 (bank BIC: HDELSI22)

In the event of issues, violation, inappropriate content, etc., please contact Rok’s nut butter d.o.o. or send a complaint to We will respond to all written complaints within 15 days from receipt.

If your complaint pertains to orders or delivered goods, you can send it in written form to:

Rok’s nut butter d.o.o. does not currently acknowledge any provider of out-of-court consumer dispute resolution. Potential consumer complaints are resolved by a specifically competent group within Rok’s nut butter d.o.o. For more information on out-of-court consumer dispute resolution, see the EU Commission’s Online Dispute Resolution portal:


This terms and conditions of use of the web page (“Page”) and the e-shop Rok’s (“E-shop”) (“Terms”). The Terms are governed by the laws of Slovenia, to the extent the mandatory rules of the legislation of the country in which users have their residence are not overridden, and determine obligations and rights of a user of the Page and the E-shop. Moreover, the Terms regulate the relationship between the manager of the Page and the E-shop with the user.

The e-shop Rok’s is managed by the company ROK’S NUT BUTTER, svetovanje in prodaja, d.o.o., Goričica pri Ihanu 19B, 1230 Domžale, reg. no. 7207441000, ID for VAT 95771450, which is also the service provider (“Trader” or: “we”, “our” and “us”). For any questions please contact: We are also available through the contact details listed under section “Impressum” on our Page.

The user is obliged by the Terms, applicable at the time of placing the purchase order in the E-shop. We advise users to read the currently applicable Terms before placing each order in the E-shop and to save a copy of the Terms upon each order in the


The Page and the E-shop are available to all visitors (“User” or: “you” and “yourself”) under equal terms.

The Users may also register. The registration in the system allows the User to use their own user name, which is equal to their e-mail address and a password. The Privacy Policy is described below.


You may place your order in the E-shop under the section “SHOP” by following this procedure:

  1. Choose a product(s) that you wish to purchase;
  2. Click on the button “ADD TO THE BASKET”;
  3. If you have a coupon, type it in below;
  4. Click on the button “PROCEED TO ORDER”;
  5. Enter the requested personal data and choose the manner of payment;
  6. By clicking the button “ORDER” you will place a binding order;
  7. Instead of steps a) and b) it is possible to choose the desired product directly by clicking on the button “+ADD TO BASKET”.

After placing the order you will receive an email notification that your order has been placed. After your order is accepted or refused, we will also send you an email notification.

The purchase agreement between the User and the Trader is concluded in the moment that the Trader send the User an email on accepting the order.

The purchase agreement is saved in an electronic form on the Trader’s server.


The Trader offers the following manners of payment:

– a transfer of means to the Trader’s bank account with a debit or a credit card;

– through the PAYPAL system.


The Trader sends the Users invoices together with the products.

The invoice contains price, taxes and other costs related to the purchase.

The User is obliged to verify the correctness of personal data needed for issuing the invoice before placing the order. The User is obliged to verify the correctness of the data in the invoice and inform the Trader on the possible mistakes within 3 days following the receipt at the latest. Complaints regarding correctness of data on the invoice received after this deadline will not be considered.


All prices in the E-shop are presented in EURO and already include the VAT.

Valid are the prices presented in the moment of placing the order by the User.

Despite the effort to provide the most precise data, it may happen that an information on the price is incorrect. In such case or in case that the price of a product is changed during the processing of the order, the Trader will provide the User a possibility of withdraw from the order.

Discount, promotional codes etc are by rule excludable among each other.


The Users of the E-shop may purchase the products at promotional prices and at discounted prices. Different promotions and other marketing tools will be presented as such and will be described each time.

Discount coupons / promotional codes

As a particularity, the Users may purchase certain products also by using special coupons and promotional codes carrying discounts, which may be obtained through the different channels (on social media or in promotional emails) Promotional codes or coupons carry different benefits when purchasing and are by rule time limited. Codes and rules of use will be always clearly presented. To enter the code, please follow the ordering procedure.


Ordered products will be prepared and dispatched usually within 3 business days and within 5 business days at the latest. Dispatch is by rule never made on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Delivery of products ordered in the E-shop is possible in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and [ŠE KJE]?

In case the User is not present at the delivery point at the time of delivery, the courier will leave a notification in the postal box on the package delivered and the pick up or new delivery options.


After receipt of the delivery, the User may inform the Trader in writing, within 14 days following the receipt of products, that he or she withdraws from the agreement without having to reason the decision on withdrawal. This right may be exercised solely and exclusively with respect to products other than foodstuff.

In line with the provisions of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act, the User has no withdrawal right for (i) the supply of goods which are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly and (ii) the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery and other cases set in the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act. The User may also not withdraw from the agreement if the sum of the payments, which the User may pay according to the Agreement is less than EUR 20.

The User may send its withdrawal at In such case the User must return the goods by post on the aforementioned Trader’s address. The return of the items to the Trader within the widrawal period (i.e., 14 days after the receipt of the goods) is deemed as notification on withdrawal. The only cost incurred by the User concerning the withdrawal is the cost of return of the goods charged by the postal service or other courier service as chosen by the User, in line with their price list.

The User must return the product(s) to the Trader unaffected, in its original package and unaltered quantity, unless the product(s) is(are) destroyed, defective, lost or the quantity decreased due to reasons beyond the User’s control. The User may inspect and try the product only to the extent to determine its factual condition. The use of the products, which exceeds the aforementioned, is deemed as use of the product, meaning that the User losses the withdrawal right.

The User is to return the products within 14 days following the date of sending the withdrawal notice to the Trader, at the latest.

The return of already charged payments will be made as soon as possible and within 14 days after the Trader received the returned goods, at the latest. In order to provide for a certain, accurate, timely and recorded return of payments, the return to Users is to be made exclusively with payments to the Users’ bank account.

The right to return of payments in case of material defects and warranty claims is regulated by the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act in more details.


All products are inspected before dispatch and sent unharmed. The product will be carefully packaged in a delivery box, so that the User receives an unharmed and originally packaged delivery. In case that the package contains incorrect quantities of products (i.e., if the quantity in the delivery and the quantity stated on the invoice do not match), the User must inform the Trader of this within 3 business days after the delivery of the goods at the latest, to

Wrongly dispatched goods

The User must inspect the goods immediately after delivery is made. If the package contains unordered goods, the User must inform the Trader of the mistake within 3 business days after the delivery at the latest to and submit a duly completed complaints form. On the basis of an adequate notice, the Trader shall deliver the correct product to the User as soon as possible. The incorrectly sent goods are to be handed over to the delivery man.

Reclamations against damaged products

The User must inspect the goods immediately. If the products contained in the package are harmed in any way or spilled, the User must immediately and in any case within 3 business days after the delivery notify the postal/courier service and the Trader of the damage at On the basis of an adequate notification the Trader will either deliver an unharmed product or return the payment on the User’s bank account. The User is to hand over the damaged product to the delivery man upon delivery of the new product, as well as to contribute to drafting the damage goods report.

Reclamations against material or hidden defects of products


– the goods do not have the characteristics required for its normal use or trade;

– the goods do not have the characteristics required for a special use for which the User purchased it and the Trader was aware or should have been aware;

– the goods do not have the characteristics, which were expressly or tacitly agreed or required or

– if the Trader delivered an item, which does not correspond to a model or a template, unless these were exhibited only as an examples

it is deemed that the goods are materially defective.


The User must inform the Trader of the material defect at The User must allow the Trader to inspect the product. If the defect is undisputed, the Trader will grant the User’s complaint as soon as possible but within 8 days at the latest. If there is a dispute concerning the existence of the defect, the Trader will inform the User in writing of its response. The right to new product or return of the payment due to material defects is more precisely determined with the provision of the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act.

The defective product is to be returned at the Trader’s address. If possible, the Trader will replace the product, otherwise the Trader will follow the procedure as determined with the Slovenian Consumer Protection Act. Rok’s reservs the right to refuse a reclamation in case the User unlimitedly used the product until withdrawal.


During the registration procedure the Trader collects the following Users’ personal data:

– name and surname;

– address and place of residence;

– email address;

– telephone number;

– undisclosed password.

In any case, for the performance of the order placed in the E-shop the User must provide his or her name and surname, delivery address and place, telephone number and email.

The User decides freely upon registration whether he or she wishes to receive the Trader’s newsletters via email. At the same time, he or she must confirm that they are acquainted with the Terms. By marking the filed “Registration for receiving our e-newsletter”, the User agrees that the Trader keeps and processes the User’s email address until recall by the User (that is, until withdrawal from e-newsletters), for the purpose of marketing communication (i.e., receiving notices of news and offers by the Trader, requests for opinions etc) and statistical analysis by using Google analytics and Facebook analytics tools.

The User is entitled to supplement, amend, block, delete or complain against processing of his or her personal data or to get acquainted with his or her processed personal data in line with the applicable legislation (i.e., the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act). The request may be made at the email

The consent for personal data processing may be withdrawn at any time whereby the processing will be entirely ceased. Please take into consideration that without your personal data we may not be able to provide certain services which are available in the E-shop (e.g., notices of new and promotions). The request for deletion of your personal data from our database may be sent to

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, we reserve the right to use your personal data in the future, if needed so due to legislation or exercising rights and obligations arising from a contractual relationship between you and the Trader.

The Trader is obliged to protect the personal data of the User in line with the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act. All Users personal data are to be protected as confidential by the Trader and will in no case be forwarded or sold to unauthorized persons.

For visiting the Page it is not needed to reveal your personal data, except for IP address. Nevertheless, certain information are automatically received by using cookies and pixeltags, standard tools in the internet industry. Use of cookies and pixeltags allows to recognize individual IP addresses, the type of browser used by the User and general User activity on the web.

Personal data revealed by the User are not forwarded to third persons, except our partners for the purpose of delivery and marketing. Our partners use the Users’ personal data only for the purposes for which we authorize them. The Trader implements all required measures to protect personal data in line with the Slovenian Personal Data Protection Act.

The User is also responsible to protect their own personal data by providing for security of user name and password and adequate anti-virus computer software.


Access to the Page and the E-shop is possible each day in the week, 24/7.

Exceptionally, due to different technical reasons and maintenance work, or other reason outside of the Trader’s sphere of control, the business or access to the E-shop may be temporarily unavailable. Therefore, we reserve the right to, for a limited or unlimited period of time, limit or completely cease the access to the E-shop or a part thereof.

The Trader is not to be held responsible for non-performance of the E-shop due to any mal-use of it, electricity malfunctioning or other technical disorders, which may interfere with the use temporarily or for a longer period of time.


All intellectual property rights on the Page are reserved. All text, images, graphics, sound files, animations, videos and their derivatives on this Page are subject to copyright protection and other intellectual property. These items may not be copied for commercial use or distribution, nor may be modified or re-published on other websites. This Page may contain images for which the Trader has obtained the right to use, but are copyrighted by third parties.

The Trader is under no circumstances to be held responsible for any links that are not part of this Page or any other site, whether or not connected with this Page. The Trader refuses any liability for the correctness of any information available on such linked sites, or any products or services available on these sites.


Rok’s respects the current legislation on consumer protection.

For any complaints, please contact the e-mail address Complaint procedure is confidential.

Rok’s currently does not recognize any out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes procedure, as provided for under the Out-of-Court Resolution of Consumer Disputes Act. Any consumer complaints are resolved at the Rok’s internal special legal division.


Notwithstanding the above, the Rok’s hereby publishes an electronic link to the platform for online dispute resolution for consumer disputes:


The electronic form in connection with the use of the Page shall be deemed equivalent to the written form, unless the law expressly provides otherwise.

The Trader reserves the right to modify or update the Page or to disable access to it.

The relationships between the Users and the Trader shall be governed by the law of the Slovenia, unless expressly provided for otherwise in the applicable legislation (in particular, the EU consumer protection legislation). All potential disputes will be submitted for solving to a competent court in Ljubljana.

Ljubljana, 04 June 2018