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Čilifrik desert smoke Roks nut butter

Čilifrik Desert Smoke sauce

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Čilifrik desert smoke

Čilifrik Desert Smoke sauce

Availability: In stock



Net: 100 ml

Origin: Slovenia - Vizjak Farm

Ingredients: smoked Yellow Habanero, Aji Cito and yellow peppers, quince, carrots, turmeric, ginger, spice mixture.

Glow rate: **

It is the second in a spicy scale.Chilies and peppers are smoked in a 60-year-old chimney or homemade herb according to the old ethnological custom of our grandparents. For about 4-5 hours, they smoke intensely with the dry wood of apple, pear or plum. The air flow is then restricted and allowed to remain overnight to allow the delicate fruity aroma of burnt wood to enrich the chillies.

It goes well with dishes that have cheese or gourmet in addition to cheese, as quince and ginger give an aromatic fruity taste.

Shake before use.

As the sauce contains no preservatives, keep it in the refrigerator after opening!