Blog post #1: Our Story

Hi! My name is Rok and I'm proud to say I'm nuts! Nuts about nuts. 


In this blog post, I want to share with you how it all began for Rok's and who are the amazing people behind it.

It all started when I realized that there were not enough high-quality Peanut Butters in this world, so I took things in my own hands (literally), and accepted the challenge. 

I call it Rok's because I believe in it! So much so that I'm willing to put my name on it.


Rok Starič



Our journey started in 2015 and since then, our brand and our team have strengthened and evolved like nuts.

Rok’s is not just a brand, it represents a way of life for me. A lifestyle that is a little crazy, a little different, and sometimes a little weird. To sum it up, it's special and I couldn't be more proud of it.  

I am a researcher at heart, and I think you have to capture life with a big spoon. I am driven by a constant desire to discover new things, so there’s no surprise that Rok’s brand is always evolving and expanding to new products and nut ideas.

I’m also aware I need a solid subsystem to support my brand in everything it does, so I was fortunate enough to create my own ‘nut family’.

These are the people who are part of our story, the people I believe in, and without which Rok’s wouldn’t be what it is today.

But before I go deeper on who those nuts people are, I wanna share a nugget of mine as well. 

One thing most people don't know about me is that I do scuba diving and that in my free time, I run and hunt my daughter and son.


Now let me introduce you to my team:

First, we have Matevž, my right hand.




Matevž has been one of my better friends and has been with me from the very beginning of our story. In the office, we call him the uncle in the background.

He makes sure that all the accounts are arranged and that things are as they should be. In the beginning, he did everything with me - from packaging, helping out in (back then very small) production aka kitchen, sales, etc.

There are a lot of business trips in our Rok’s van, so if you see our Rok's van, you’ll probably see him too. Make sure you honk and wave!

Matevž says: “I like working at Rok’s, because the work is varied and my schedule is very flexible. The only important thing for Rok is that the work is done and that suits me, because of my family and other obligations. Rok is always open to new ideas, and moderation...nothing is too difficult for him. Most importantly, it’s nice to work with people who are not only co-workers but are also good friends.”

In addition to being a recreational football player, Matevž also plays football with his friends every week.

For all of us in the office, Matevž is always the one you can turn to with any request or question... with other words - his phone rings a lot.




Next, we have Jan. Jan is the head of digital marketing. This means that he takes care of advertising, creating creative content, helping with social media, etc. Jan also makes sure that you are informed about all our discounts and promotions.

Jan says: “I work at Rok's because it's FUN. Because the work is interesting and we are a good team. We always look and work together towards a common goal. And that is to offer the best for our customers. It also means a lot to me that Rok trusts and beliefs in each of us. In that kind of environment, people can really express their best potential.”

In addition to tennis, snowboarding, and talking (we all know when Jan is in our office if you know what I mean) he currently really wants to own a dog. He is thinking about the Hungarian vizsla. If you have any experience, tips about Vizslas, or getting a dog in general, please reach out. He will be very appreciative of any information!




Last but not least we have our lovely Lara. I have known Lara for a long time. We met when she was playing music as a DJ at one of my first events. Later, we also started working together through her really top-notch knowledge of graphic design. Lara makes sure that our graphic images are always the best.

Lara: “The best thing about working for Rok’s is that communication between everyone is very open. My work is creative, which Rok has an ear for, so he understands the value of such work. The relationship between us is based on trust, which means a lot to me at work, and in such an environment we can all best develop our potential. It's fun to work at Rok :)”

One thing she always makes fun of is that she especially likes my ‘can you do this by tomorrow’ texts :)

Aside from being an amazing part of our team, Lara is a collector of two things: tattoos and flowers. She has over 50 different flowers at home, and each of them, of course, also has its own name. One of them is Brane, Dane, Ranko, Nenad, Lado, etc. :)


And there you have it. The Nuttiest team out there. 

With all seriousness, I know how privileged I am to create a team that I can trust and grow with.

Hope this blog serves its purpose to let you inside our Rok’s team and share a little bit more about us. I had fun creating this for you, so I hope you had fun reading it too. :)